After sitting through the disappointment that was ‘Dumb People Searching for Death’ a.k.a. As Above/So Below, seeing Ghostbusters was a pleasant surprise. Originally released in 1984, the film about four men using their intelligence, humor, & nuclear hose and backpacks to put away various spirits from causing mayhem across New York City brought back the memories of the people and music that makes the film stand the test of time. No CGI is featured to replace the technology used to create the original versions of the spirits including Slimer & Zuul. All of the grain of the original film still exists. The fact that Ray Harris Jr. & Harold Ramis are no longer with us makes the film even more of a classic. Nothing can replace the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme. I don’t even think Dan Akroyd knows how to write a script that’s missing Egon and Dr. Venkman (because Bill’s not returning to the franchise unless his character’s deceased). Must’ve been the popularity of Fake Dead Bill from Zombieland that led to that thought. 

Bottom line, see the film before it hits DVD & Blu-Ray (the latter in stores for the 1st time on Sept. 16th, 2014). Don’t waste your money on the latest film cashing on the, what should’ve been deceased found footage film genre. 

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