Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be out this summer

With online play!

You’ll be able to play online, but Sakurai has recommended that you only attempt this with a stable connection. The Wii U version will be out this Winter.

Buy: Smash Bros. 3DS, Coming Soon

I’ll get the 3DS version. Thank goodness that Nintendo appreciates that handheld so much that the game will be the talk of the town come Otakon. 

Avoiding spoilers, the writers did a great job building up the newly formed relationship on this evening’s Degrassi. It was well worth the wait unlike the ‘ship that no fan wants to deal with. I myself am dealing with being in a long distance relationship though I never made the move on any young woman of my age range (20-25) who live near me & anywhere else in the State of Maryland. Why should I give a care about someone who’s falling for someone who’s unlike her in every way? Why should I care for the secretary who wants to reach her status as Madam Vice President by banging the School President. 

Who’s been giving out the crazy pills?!

You’re Watching TeenNick

Is it me or are main characters dicks for asinine reasons? Just had iCarly as background noise when I took a glance & saw that Carly & Sam pulled a prank on the doorman. He’s just doing his job & while he might have been mean to other folks in the past, it doesn’t mean that he deserves to be fooled by those moppets. Add on to the fact that the girls ADMITTED on the webcam show about the prank that they worked on with Spencer meaning that they can get in trouble due to the evidence. 

iCarly didn’t end quick enough for me. I’m hoping for a possible end to Sam & Cat & a quick one season cancellation for Schneider’s next project. 

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